Love and Wealth

The HappyNes


We are a social enterprise specialized in capacity building to women and youth. We aim to make social and economic development in our country and Africa generally. We work very hard to tackle challenges faced businesses by providing market opportunities, networking and funding. Our community is of small scale retailers, fashion and craftsmanship.

Our Mission

We empower women and the youth to unleash their potential and change their lives through entrepreneurship education and business mentorship.

We support small businesses to excel their growth through market access

We create and produce leather products to provide and sustain jobs for women and youth in our education programs and financially sustain this social enterprise and everyone else involved

Love and Wealth Program

Our “Love and Wealth” program, our aim is to ensure sustainable development and support small and medium-size Rwandan women’s businesses and youth innovations. We aim to achieve this by building cooperatives, raising funds, empowering and promoting production, and distributing the end products on our e-commerce website.

We are also planning on training the great minds of next generation leaders through different partnerships with local and international organizations and institutions.