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Sunday Market 10th, October 2021

Let's celebrate women from rural areas by enhancing their strength and growth through sales for their creations. Sunday Market will be featuring cooperatives of women who own small businesses that make baskets, arts and crafts. You can also get their products at www.sundaymarket.rw

Sunday Market 3rd, October 2021

Support local small businesses ( Made-in-Rwanda) of women and youth with Sunday Market by joining our Sunday Market & Brunch event. We will be showcasing and selling baskets, jewelry, imigongo, pom-pom, fashion, Painting, Interior & decor, gifts cards, Essential oils and Food products.You can get these products online at www.sundaymarket.rw 

Sunday Market 2019

Inspire young entrepreneurs by enjoying ultimate shopping of their creations, artisanal work and agro-processed food. In 2019 we have been honored to engage in international partnership where we realised that the small businesses of youth in our community can sell their products abroad. This has boosted our confidence and pushed us to create an online presence through an online...

Sunday Market 2018

Sunday markets have been featuring creations and artworks made by women and young entrepreneurs in order to create sustainable jobs.   During 2018 we have created 30 permanent businesses which are officially registered and 80 jobs for women and youth. The impact of the market for 2028 , we had a cultural exchange evening where we had music...