Who We Are

Who I Am

Aline Kanimba

At age of 20 i started my journey in business , and dropping from univerisity made it a big deal for me to pursuit this journey , succeed while helping other women and youth to succeed too.

I admit that what give me satsafaction or living my purpose has been mostly helping others and believing in growth , happiness , love and better living. Thats what has inspired the name The HappyNes. I need it light and smiles and i got it by sharing with those who needed the same.


Our Team

Aline Uwase Kanimba


She is the CEO and business enthusiast. She has over seven years of experience in business adminitration , marketing, sales and digital content creation.

Jean de Dieu Sikubwabo

Operation Manager

He is the operation manager. He is passionate about education. He provides his great insight in equipping our community of youth and women whom we work together to support and empower their growth.

Claude Nsanzumuhire


He is the craftman part of our community whose passion is creativity , art and fashion. He work with the rest of our students in trainings and He is our production manager of our Leather bag and shoes.

Martha Nikuze


She is an inspiring young woman, a single mothers and an amazing artisan. She is the craftwoman who is very passionate about sewing and desingning. She work in the production of leather bags and shoes.

Why The Happynes

With Genecode against Tutsi which had happen though the reborn of the state, wars and violance which keeps happening in Africa; Women and youth are often left behind in the process of recovery and development. This is due to misconception and inequality which are still in the society, which makes it hard to have a bright and better living in our community if the bigger part of our population left behind.

I believe in better living for us Rwandans and Africans in general. I believe that we could sustain and keep a stable and better basic living with no hunger , with employment for most and with equality on work forces and equal opportunity for women , for youth. I believe business and entrepreneurship is a creative solution to create jobs, for women to strive in what they are good at while they still hold and love their families. This shall benefit our community and country in general as well.